We want to help you build a stronger company.  We to to help eliminate risk you face and we above all else want to provide you great customer service.  Welcome to Enochs Technology, where its our goal to help you succeed.

Who Am I

Enochs Technology is a small computer consulting firm who specializes in servicing residential, small and home based businesses with their technology needs.  Located in the greater Indianapolis area I started this company because I saw a growing need for residential and small businesses to have access to the same technology that larger companies have.  I’ve been in the IT field for over 15 years and in different markets helping businesses better understand technology and how they can utilize it.  Technology can allow your business to thrive and your team members to be more productive.  Having the right IT partner who will put your business first.

My Values

My mission is to provide the highest quality service and solutions to businesses and individuals alike. I am a driven and dedicated professional with website, hardware and software support experience in both the corporate and residential markets.  I’m not a nameless face you will only interact on the phone or with remote software.  I am a employee and aspiring business owner who wants to help you succeed in your business.  I stand by three principles that help shape my life and my career.

These are my core values and what I started this business based on.