At Enochs Technology, you’ll discover all the IT services your company needs to reach your business goals.  We are teachers first so let us become a trusted partner in your business.  Every tech provider has good intentions and they set out offering the same standard services.  Why am I different?  Here’s why:

  • I will listen to your gripes and issues.
  • I want to know your business, your goals, your employees, and what works and doesn’t work.
  • My goal is to make sure our experience together helps you.  I want to build your trust and work with you so you can focus on the day to day aspects of your business and less on technology problems.



What is your business?  Why did you start your business? What works and doesn’t work?

Once I understand your business and business goals then we can work together to develop a support plan that works for you and supports your business goals.


We understand that technology is growing and it can be confusing.  You were promised this technology would make your life easier but sometimes it can be frustrating.  We will understand what your business goals are and what you are trying to accomplish and put together a solution that works for you and you understand what the process.  You wouldn’t invest in something that you don’t understand so don’t let IT companies put together a solution without walking you through each process and feature..


I will put together a plan that works for you, achieves your goals, and you are happy with.  My number 1 goal is to be your business partner and help you succeed.  When you achieve success then we have done our job.